Disk space visualization software

The use of disk visualization software

In contrast with a fully automated disk cleanup process, visualization software helps you identify the data occupying most of the disk space, but does not make a decision of what to remove.

Basic requirements

The visualization utility should take into account all the filesystem features which may affect the size of disk space used by the files. The software should keep track of slack space, compression, sparse files, and whatever else can affect the disk space usage.

Our software

We are the authors of a Disk Space Visualizer, we know it satisfies all the requirements above, and obviously recommend to download and try it first. It is free to use. However, expect it not to be lightning fast, because of the complexity involved in obtaining file compression statistics.

Other software

Other worth trying is Space Monger. It has more file management features, but is not freeware (limited to 30 days of use). If you find that neither of these satisfies your needs, try looking here - Softpedia.com disk space monitors section.

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